Toro y Moi, Anything In Return

Toro y Moi, Anything In Return

Really just can’t get enough of Toro y Moi’s newest album Anything In Returen. I appreciate that he’s part Asian (half Filippino like me!!!), that he’s got chillwave groove reminiscent of 90’s R&B, and never letting us down.

He’s coming to SLC on Feb 25th to Urban Lounge, can’t wait to see him live!!!!

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MEGAJAM: Wet Summer by Bondax

MEGAJAM: Wet Summer by Bondax

This is my megajam of the week (click on photo to go to their bandcamp!)
Bondax is from Lancaster, UK.
As always, excellent music from England.

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Our KUTV Channel 2 News Appearance

My band Lady Murasaki was recently invited to play the Morning Show on KUTV Channel 2 News. It was high times for us. Note: this footage was a filming of a DVR and does no justice to my voice so listen to our EP or come see us play live!!! We play 2 to 3 shows a month in Salt Lake City. 🙂

See here for streaming content on KUTV (the stream is a bit slow)

Or go to our Youtube to see more footage!!

Come like our Facebook page if you haven’t already!!!

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Dicks in the Workplace?

So I often rant about my feelings on topics like religion, gender, race, homosexuality, abortion, immigration, etc., etc., on FB (wildly liberal if you don’t already know that), today I’m going to rant about how I know which guys at work are dicks and which guys are not in the realm of gender.

I recently participated in a team-building activity where we were put into groups with people from other departments that we normally don’t work with. We were given a problem-solving task and off we go. I was the only girl on the team. After a few comments/suggestions, I offered a comment. The guys who had worked with me before responded to what I said or acknowledged me, but one guy in particular kept ignoring my suggestions. He also talked right over me. So when we were given a 2nd task, I spoke LOUDER because in the past I noticed that seemed to at least command attention.

Those of you that know me have in the past heard me say, “Hey let me finish my sentence, you’re interrupting me!!”

Bottom line – body language speaks eons so I would highly recommend to gentlemen who have female colleagues (if you don’t already do) to be sensitive towards the fact that women often have to work extra hard to be acknowledged as equal contributors. Please give them a chance to speak, please do not talk over them. BE AWARE OF YOUR BODY LANGUAGE.

I often wonder why companies in Utah do not do sensitivity training. At least the ones I have worked in have not done so. In the past I have had dudes poke me in my side, scratch their backs against the walls of my cubicle, help me stretch (and no I did not ask them to), and swing by way too often just to ‘chat’ with me while I was attempting to get work done because they assumed I would be waiting with a smile, a listening ear and a back rub perhaps. I do have/had good buddies at work that were always welcome, but I was never discrete about it. Guys knew when they were unwelcome in my work space.

On the other hand, those of you gentlemen who have always known and understood these concepts I speak of, and there are very many of you, I thank you greatly for your love and support.

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The Psychology of Money with Dr. Aaron Kipnis

Last night I got to attend a fascinating lecture by Dr. Aaron Kipnis on the psychology of money, organized by the Jung Society of Utah. What I loved about the presentation was that a) it was free, and b) it was a lecture given from a perspective of a highly trained / experienced therapist concerned with the well-being of individuals as well as society as a whole.

Some interesting things I noted from the lecture:

– Currency was originally tied to/backed by tangible resources of nature. For example, a gold coin represented a bag of wheat or a jar of honey. Today, the US currency is backed by – not gold – but by the Federal Reserve, which is funded by wealthy families like the Rockefeller’s and Rothschilds. Every dollar printed by the Federal Reserve is paying interest to the lenders of the this centralized private bank called the Federal Reserve, so the printed currency is really debt money that isn’t backed by anything other than more debt.

Crazy huh? I used to think US currency was backed by gold but it’s not. Money used to represent a tangible asset, now it just represents a crazy financial system we’ve bought into wherein rich people are getting richer off the interest we pay them to buy things we really couldn’t afford in the first place – and from a psychological stand point, we work hard for this money because we’ve been brought up in a system where we believe more money will buy more happiness. This isn’t true, which brings me to the next point.

– There are social and psychological studies that show that after a certain income is achieved ($75k ~ $130k depending on where in the US you live), gaining more income past those numbers do not add more to the level or amount of happiness a person feels in their personal lives.

– Dr. Kipnis did a documentary about women in the untouchable caste in India who broke past the bonds of poverty and the ever-greedy financial system by creating a pool of resources amongst themselves to start up a micro-economy. By collaborating and working together, they were able to come up with resources which grew into a big enough business that they were able to buy back land that their families had lived on for hundreds of years.

The point of this micro economy was that by pulling resources amongst collaborating individuals, they were able to come up with assets that did not demand payment of interest.  Their resources did not come from a greedy lender, unlike the situation many of us find ourselves in today.

There was also a point made from this story that creating win-win situations between individuals and communities that collaborate to help each other is one of the keys to financial freedom and happiness. I would derive further that the financial collapse our country faces today were driven by concepts like “keeping up with the Jones’ ” orthat greater material wealth = happiness, which are both polar opposites of collaborating communities.

– The concept of local currencies is very much active and alive in our country and many other places in the world. Local currency is free from the debt of a nation’s centralized banking system wherein the currency actually represents a tangible product or service contributed by those who have bought into that system, and demands no interest payment from it’s participants. A perfect example which came to mind was Japan’s Fureai Kippu, which I had not heard of until I saw an awesome Sundance film last year The Flaw.

All in all, the message I derived from this lecture was that no amount of money can fill an empty self, and it’s time we realize that as individuals and as a nation because we have for so long bought into the idea that more (money) is better. I might even call it Capitalism. Some worship it as God, but I think it’s a system, although with good potential, is also a system too easy for greedy souls to manipulate for their own good and not the good of others or the masses.

A question was brought up on what specific things we could do to start fixing this system. First is stop buying and spending so much. The plastic credit card, which represents more than anything ‘imaginary money,’ and I’d even say bondage to the system, encourages us to buy more spend more. Try to use more cash and spend less. There are studies that show that people spend 60% less when they are paying for things with cash.

Support local businesses, local economy because then we’re spending less on shipping things from far away which costs a lot and is harmful to the environment as well. Maybe this collaboration could even eventually lead to local currency.

Lots of food for thought.

Jung Society of Utah, definitely worth checking out!!!
It’s every 1st Thursday of the Month 🙂

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I LOVE clothing with Engrish on them. Anytime I go back to Japan to visit my parents and find something with Engrish, I pick it up. Here’s one of my favorite pink cardigans with Engrish.

Ho Wonderful it would
be if could actually meet
in our dreams.
My Love fortune is on the rise!

I must say I love this cardigan – the color is awesome, the bear on the back is cute, and really, it has a very positive message. MY LOVE FORTUNE IS ON THE RISE!!!

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My awesome friend Peter constantly introduces me to mixtapes that keep me moving and grooving. This time it is Keep Their Heads Ringin’ by Telephoned that can be downloaded for free on a post in Fool’s Gold Blog.

Vocalist Maggie sings covers with her amazingly versatile voice backed by Sammy Bananas’ neo-retro beats reminiscent of 90’s R&B. Very fitting for the vintage-hipster culture that is all the rage today.

Can’t get enough of the first few songs like ‘Night By Night’ and ‘Too Experienced.’

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