Pizzeria Seven Twelve part 2

My friend Melissa and I met for lunch at Pizzeria Seven Twelve from my previous post. We loved our fabulous outfits so we took photos!

My Zara summer dress, thrifted purse

Melissa is carrying her Dolce and Gabanna purse, Pierre Hardy (?) for Gap denim wedges (and sorry I can't remember what dress but it was so cute!!). Fabulous!!!

Cheers to dressing up for lunch !!!!


About ambertaniuchi

I'm a 30 something Japanese female living in Salt Lake City, Utah. I grew up in Japan but also consider Hawaii my home. I am a QA Engineer by day but rock 'n' roll in a band called Lady Murasaki by night. I love all things vintage, gourmet and scotch, scotch, scotch. See these links for our music and FB. ladymurasaki.bandcamp.com https://www.facebook.com/ladymurasakiband
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One Response to Pizzeria Seven Twelve part 2

  1. Melissa! says:

    Oh we are so so cute! I am IN LOVE with your dress omg!

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