My obsession / collection for expensive designer brands often take a back seat when my friend Melissa is out on the hunt. I wish she had a blog for all of the amazing purses / shoes / clothes found in her closet. She definitely gives me a run for my money when it comes to spending money on fabulous things!!

We had been emailing back and forth this last week comparing our finds on the internet. Today she sent me a link to this most glorious purse — Balenciaga’s City Purse in BUBBLE GUM!!!!!!!! SHUUTTT UPPP!!!!!!!!

It is too beautiful!!! Balenciaga Agneau City Tote.

My aunt gifted me a blue Balenciaga Purse a few years ago which I have loved and carried with me as though it were my own child.

Me at the zoo in Washington D.C. You can sort of see my balenciaga.

Recently at a Thai / Lao New Years festival I visited.

I don’t think I have ever seen a Balenciaga City Tote sold for under $900. That’s right, you heard me (shout out to my boyfriend who didn’t believe that some brand-named purses never depreciate significantly). If you bought your Balenciaga for a $1000, you could turn it around and sell it for a $900+ 3 years later. This is an investment in a bubble gum color — AbFAB!!!


About ambertaniuchi

I'm a 30 something Japanese female living in Salt Lake City, Utah. I grew up in Japan but also consider Hawaii my home. I am a QA Engineer by day but rock 'n' roll in a band called Lady Murasaki by night. I love all things vintage, gourmet and scotch, scotch, scotch. See these links for our music and FB. ladymurasaki.bandcamp.com https://www.facebook.com/ladymurasakiband
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  1. Melissa says:

    OMG you are tooooo HILARIOUS!!! Surely there’s a job out there for us where we can do nothing all day but peruse shopping sites and be FABULOUS! LOVE YA!

  2. Melissa says:

    Oh and I love your Balenciaga in blue too! Sooo chic!

  3. ambertaniuchi says:

    Ahaha! I know right?? But first things first, Melissa, you need to start a BLOG to show off all your said fabulous things!!!

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