Baby Mama

Two thumbs up to Baby Mama!!

I have to say, I have always been a fan of Tina Fay and Amy Poehler from SNL, but seeing them together in a somewhat of a more serious setting made me love them even more. These women know how to act goofy, and they also know how to act serious. They really know how to act and it’s refreshing to see people who take their job titles seriously (actors).

Great casting as well–Greg Kinnear, Steve Martin, Romany Malco, Sigourney Weaver. As cheesy as this film could’ve been with all of it’s baby/pregnancy theme, it kept it cheese at just the right amount. I’d say 50% comedy, 20 % romance, 20% seriousness and 10% cheese. The balance of these elements were very tactful, and to my surprise I really enjoyed this flick that would be categorized as ‘chic(flick),’ which I’ve been avoiding after seeing previews for Made of Honor and 27 Dresses. Who needed chick flicks anymore after Sex & the City showed us that women on film can actually be intelligent and grown up?

The wit in Baby Mama was both slapstick (which SNL actors have mastered) and intentional in an intelligent way, and who knew that Tina Fay was such a HOT woman?! Even Amy Poehler, who normally makes very ugly faces for commedy, appeared lovely with her blonde hair and cute clothes. AND I can’t believe I’m saying this, but the very grown-up depiction of courting between Tina Fay and Greg Kinnear was a turn on! Yes, I said it, it was a teasing turn on!

I would recommend this movie to anyone who needs a little bit of chick flick therapy without too much cheese.


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I'm a 30 something Japanese female living in Salt Lake City, Utah. I grew up in Japan but also consider Hawaii my home. I am a QA Engineer by day but rock 'n' roll in a band called Lady Murasaki by night. I love all things vintage, gourmet and scotch, scotch, scotch. See these links for our music and FB.
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