Rising Gas Prices

Gas prices have hit all-time-high in Utah. Over $3.60/gallon. The Chevron gas station that I normally pump gas at near my house is 10 cents cheaper than any gas station in Salt Lake City, but it was still $3.66/gallon for the medium grade this morning. I took a little detour to go to a gas station I know is slightly cheaper than my normal gas station, and it was still $3.63/gallon–which cost me $50 to fill up my whole tank!

I drive a V6 Mazda 626, and depending on gas prices it has only cost me $35-$45 to fill up my tank. I typically fill up on gas once a week, and the price I paid this morning for a tank of gas was very shocking, so I had to take a picture.

The State of Utah needs to step it up with their public trans systems. I grew up in Japan where public transportation is at its maximum efficiency–to a point where you wouldn’t ever have to own a car and still be able to go anywhere in the country without being inconvenienced. Notice the massive amounts of people using the train to communte (see video on the link below)–people are DEPENDENT on public transportation. I would take the train if they were as efficient as they are in Japan. Trains and busses are always on schedule, and in most cities they arrive every 5 to 10 mintues, and in large cities every 3 minutes.


It’s time for a new president. I vote Obama.


About ambertaniuchi

I'm a 30 something Japanese female living in Salt Lake City, Utah. I grew up in Japan but also consider Hawaii my home. I am a QA Engineer by day but rock 'n' roll in a band called Lady Murasaki by night. I love all things vintage, gourmet and scotch, scotch, scotch. See these links for our music and FB. ladymurasaki.bandcamp.com https://www.facebook.com/ladymurasakiband
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