The Hills and Mariah

There are two things I LOVE on TV…. The Hills (Lauren, Audrina, Whitney and Heidi) and Mariah Carey. They are girlie, glamorous, sexy and cute. People make fun of these girls and say they’re stupid, but I honestly think that they’re just women, just like me, living their lives to their utmost potential and I enjoy watching their career, conversations, lifestyle and fashion. It doesn’t hurt that they’re absolutely gorgeous girls with beautiful skin and hair.

Honestly, these girls inspire me to be more honest with people and with myself–and to take better care of myself. I’m not kidding! I parted my hair on the side and put twice the amount hair product than I normally do this morning (my normal amount is probably smaller than the amount of glue you would put on one corner of a sheet of paper to make it stick…VERY little).

They also inspire me (and I can already see my bf rolling his eyes at me lol) to go out and be a young 20+some to enjoy life! I’d like to think I’ve lived a good 20’s lifestyle, but for the most part I’ve been 36 years old since I was 14. Responsible, no going out on a weeknight, no spending ridiculous amounts on clothes, no taking hours on hair and makeup. My appearance can often be deceiving in that I look like I’ve spent hours on my hair and makeup, but that’s just coz I got lucky with good genes.

At any rate, I’m a big fan of The Hills and Maraiah Carey. When I see them on TV, I turn into a 4 year old who has spotted a pink hellokitty princess dress with sparkling ruffles. I am DAZZLED.


About ambertaniuchi

I'm a 30 something Japanese female living in Salt Lake City, Utah. I grew up in Japan but also consider Hawaii my home. I am a QA Engineer by day but rock 'n' roll in a band called Lady Murasaki by night. I love all things vintage, gourmet and scotch, scotch, scotch. See these links for our music and FB.
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One Response to The Hills and Mariah

  1. Honey! says:

    I love Mariah Carey! If she tours we MUST GO!!!

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